Thermal Management Systems Digital Summit October 12-14 2021
Innovative Solutions for High-Efficiency Thermal Management

The 2021 SAE Thermal Management Systems Digital Summit (TMSS) is the premier convening point for forward-thinking engineers, executives, OEMs, and academia to collaborate and hear a range of presentations on the latest technologies, regulations, and applications for thermal management systems.

TMSS is where the industry comes together to discuss the latest regulatory impacts and applications to reduce engine emissions, conserve energy, reduce noise, improve the cabin environment, and increase overall vehicle performance in the passenger and commercial vehicle industry. Join us online and on-demand for three days of expert-led discussions as we cover the most critical need-to-know information impacting global thermal management today and in the near future.

ThermoAnalytics' Timofey Golubev will be presenting on electric vehicle-integrated Photovoltaics.

For this application, we developed a coupled modeling approach to compare the energy production of vehicle-integrated photovoltaic (VIPV) systems composed of conventional silicon modules and transparent photovoltaic (TPV) films in several geographic locations. The results show that the use of TPV films integrated into all exterior vehicle surfaces will produce significantly more energy than a VIPV system that uses conventional silicon rooftop modules. In addition to providing electricity for powering the HVAC system, TPV films installed in vehicle windows are predicted to improve passenger comfort by reducing the solar radiation load on the cabin.

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