Electro-Optical/Infra-Red Signature Prediction

Adversary EO/IR thermal signature prediction simulation requires a first-principles, physics-based simulation. We predict the EO/IR signature of complicated adversarial targets from the perspective of ground, airborne, and satellite-based multispectral sensor platforms.

With low observable technology, modeling and simulation solutions have become highly sought for accurately computing the radiometric trademarks of baseline and LO systems. Our team has the capability to generate accurate, appropriate-resolution adversarial target models, and imagery simulated under the full range of global operating environments.

Signature Prediction: A Two-Step Process

We approach adversarial simulation in a two-step process: first, we predict the physical temperature of the target and scene – engines, electronics, hydraulics, terrain, and other sources, often over a transient operating profile. With the full domain’s thermal solution completed, we then utilize spectral optical data to predict the radiance at the projected pixel level, spectrally. The calculation accounts for atmospherics via MODTRAN and solar and lunar ephemeris emission sources. Renderings will depict physically accurate glints, and complicated reflected phenomena as observed by ground, airborne, and satellite-based multispectral sensor platforms. 

ThermoAnalytics’ EO/IR models have been objectively validated in terrestrial and maritime scenarios, across multiple spectral domains: NIR, MWIR, and LWIR.

Because we have a library of adversary target models, we can provide models faster than any other source. Furthermore, we can develop new models from proprietary or open-source data for threats. Our adversarial EO/IR thermal signature predictions are made with our proprietary MuSES software, yielding high-prediction accuracy.

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Qualified organizations can request a database of our adversary signature prediction models and we welcome the opportunity to discuss novel solution development.

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MuSES Summary 2024

Industry-Leading Signature Management

MuSESTM (Multi-Service Electro-Optic Signature) is an industry-leading signature management software that provides complete thermal modeling and infrared signature prediction capabilities. MuSESTM allows you to simulate any environment or condition and generate accurate EO/IR signature predictions. It provides many powerful features allowing you to model vehicles, aircraft plumes, ship wakes, humans, atmospheric effects, and more.

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ThermoAnalytics has supported the defense industry for over two decades with expertise, software, and engineering services.

As the global leader in EO/IR simulation, we provide low observables design and the technology to virtually assess target-background contrast anywhere on earth. Electro-optics and infrared signature are extensively employed for target acquisition and guidance systems. However, the target itself is only part of the radiance solution; our technologies include the effectiveness of background source radiance, solar loads, even diffuse sky radiance. By developing software-based in physics, we bring EO/IR reality into focus.

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Predicting human thermal survival involves simulation across several distinct domains to be computed simultaneously – the environmental conditions over time, a detailed human physiology model that includes thermoregulation, and clothing models to capture both heat transfer and mass transfer resistance. Humans are thermally quite fragile and many critical biological processes are highly sensitive to temperature, including cognition.  Thermal survival is limited to the study of how the body responds to dehydration, hypo- and hyperthermia, ignoring the situational effects of reduced cognitive capacity on the choices an individual makes when overheated or suffering from cold exposure.

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