Analyze complex transient driving profiles and simulate realistic transient thermal responses with Drive Cycle Extension.

As a licensed extension in our CoThermTM software, the Drive Cycle Extension makes use of coupled 3D thermal and CFD models to provide a realistic use cases for your thermal analysis. 

The Importance of Inputs

The process of inputting data into this extension is simple. You can use transient inputs from physical tests, simulation data, or industry standards such as FTP or WTLP. Choose relevant drive cycle data and accurate corresponding heat source data to ensure you receive the best results.

Visualize Your Designs with 3D Vehicle Models

Drive Cycle Extension uses 3D geometry, allowing you to visualize your designs by providing more detail and high-fidelity results. By coupling simulation codes, it can provide this data while still fitting in your product design timeline.

Simulate any Transient Thermal Analysis Profile

Create and automate transient drive cycle thermal simulations for any test profile. This flexible approach supports a variety of scenarios and applications, from thermal management/heat protection to advanced aerodynamics or battery discharge for electric vehicles.

Accomplish More in Your Development Cycle Using Drive Cycle Extension

Drive Cycle Extension uses a surrogate-modeling methodology to drastically increase simulation speeds. By running steady state coupling points at different driving conditions and using the results to build a surrogate model, it relieves time in your design cycle to accomplish more.

See What The CoTherm Drive Cycle Extension Can Do

Want to see how the Drive Cycle Extension could work for you? Reach out and we will set up a time to walk through a live demo with you. One of our technical sales representatives can show you how our fast, transient thermal analysis software can solve your thermal management issues.


Getting Started


We offer hands-on training to help you implement the Drive Cycle Extension. Each year we offer two training sessions in southeast Michigan. Or we can come to your office and deliver training tailored to your needs.

Learn More About Training


Start on your own. Our step-by-step tutorials cover basic and advanced techniques. Once you have a software license, these tutorials are available for you to advance your knowledge.


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