Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,
your body can only be as comfortable
as your least comfortable body parts

Thermal Comfort in Electronic Devices

Thermal comfort is an important consideration for wearable electronics. It depends on a variety of factors, including personal preference, local environment, geographical location, product use case, product type, user interface, geometry, and material. Integrating user comfort testing and physiology-based modeling in the design process can avoid thermal discomfort surprises. Using the Human Thermal Extension, engineers can develop wearable electronics that are comfortable to wear and provide a positive user experience. TAITherm™ doesn't just predict skin temperature, sensation, and comfort, but also time-to-pain and time-to-burn, as well as level-of-burn.

Physiology Modeling

Physiology modeling can predict how the human body will interact with a device and identify potential risks. This information can be used to design wearable electronic devices that are safe and comfortable to use. Predict local core temperatures, such as brain, GI Tract, or esophageal temperatures, or use TAITherm™'s Advanced Natural Environment Model, which supports sun and sky modeling, allowing users to simulate environmental impact based on specific user-inputted GPS locations. The TAITherm™ Human Thermal Extension simulates the entire human body, predicting sweat rates, shivering rates, blood flow, skin, and core temperatures to give you a complete understanding of human thermal comfort.

Your All-in-One Solution

TAITherm™ and the Human Thermal Extension are powerful tools for modeling wearable electronics. Together, they provide valuable input to the design process by modeling the wearable electronic device and the body part worn on. They can be used to predict a variety of factors related to human thermal comfort, which can help designers create wearable electronics that are comfortable and safe for users. Create a thermal model of a device in TAITherm™ for an all-in-one tool for thermal analysis, or couple it with other prominent CAE tools.

See What The Human Thermal Extension Can Do

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Areas of Expertise

Human Model

Beyond Comfortable

Our Human Thermal Extension is the state-of-the-art technology for predicting human thermal comfort, safety, and effectiveness. It operates within our thermal analysis software, TAIThermTM, to comprehensively simulate human thermal sensation and thermoregulation under transient and asymmetric environmental conditions. Users can simulate all thermoregulatory responses based on many factors, including activity level. We have developed a comprehensive library of standard human models in various poses, including female and male physiologies. We have also developed an extensive clothing database for rapid model setup.

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Textiles Industry

Optimize Your Design with Simulation

Identify optimal materials for your design without sacrificing time, budget, or resources. The materials you use are essential variables in a successful thermal management strategy. You should use a robust simulation strategy to ensure your chosen materials make the grade. 

Simulation allows you to model the performance of any material or textile under any condition. You can also analyze many variants of your material without having to create multiple prototypes. Your optimization can be done virtually and verified in testing. This process enables faster production while saving you time and resources. 

TAITherm offers a robust simulation method that can produce fast, transient simulations, include human thermal comfort analysis, and account for moisture transport and its effects on your thermal analysis. 

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TAITherm Human 3

Accurate Comfort Predictions 

Simulating human thermal comfort will provide the information needed to optimize the user experience and ensure product acceptance.

Our engineers can help you create a thermal simulation using TAIThermTM with the Human Thermal Extension. This will help you understand how altering the variables of your design affects the overall comfort of the human within your design. 

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thermal model of a house with large windows and steep roof for architecture analysis

Natural Effects

No matter where your product will operate, it is imperative to understand how the surrounding environment will affect it. 

Our expert engineers will create a transient thermal analysis of your design environment to ensure you are modeling the true environment of your product. TAITherm can model environmental and material properties to ensure optimization. 

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