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2024.1 TAITherm™ and CoTherm™ have been released. Take a look at all the new features and upgrades that will boost your simulation capabilities and improve your workflow. 

TAITherm™ New Features  CoTherm™ New Features

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MuSES: Comprehensive Simulation for Advanced Thermal Solutions

Realistic Simulations: EO/IR image generation, human signature detection, target modeling, and more.

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Total system modeling.
In transient conditions.

We're ready to provide solutions and help transform your thermal modeling process.

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Human Comfort Science

We're ready to provide solutions and help transform your thermal modeling process.

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Full range of thermal solutions at your service.

Thermal Management Services
Thermal Management
Get the thermal results you need, no matter what size team or amount of engineering resources you have. Our experts will step in to guide your thermal simulation process.
Signature Prediction Services
Signature Prediction
Our thermal analysis and infrared/ thermal signature prediction software was developed with accuracy and predictability, to eliminate heat protection issues while giving you the most accurate basis for infrared prediction.
CAE Coupling Services
CAE Coupling
Utilize the strengths of multiple simulation tools for an in-depth representation of your design challenge. Our skilled engineers guide you through the set-up and deployment of a custom coupling process in our CoTherm software.
Testing Services
Our thermal test experts come on-site to gather real-world thermal behavior data. They will utilize TAITherm to validate the simulation results and ensure your model is accounting for all methods of heat transfer.

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