September 5, 2023 — ThermoAnalytics®, Inc. (TAI) is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its global presence with the acquisition of EThermo, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

ThermoAnalytics®, renowned for its flagship product TAITherm™, the leading 3D thermal simulation software for predicting temperatures using transient or steady-state analysis, has taken a significant step to bolster its worldwide footprint, particularly in Japan and Asian continent. The acquisition of EThermo will enhance ThermoAnalytics® ability to provide personalized support to its valued customers in these critical markets.

EThermo, founded by Xubin Zhou in 2020, has been an exclusive distributor of ThermoAnalytics®. Xubin brings a wealth of experience and firsthand knowledge of TAITherm™ and the power that the simulation software could get to the design phase.

“With the ever-changing automotive simulation market and the transition towards electrified vehicles, we must connect with our customers in a more direct and personalized manner,” emphasized Antti Jussila, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ThermoAnalytics®. “Our company is shifting with the electrification market, and so is our software. We need to ensure that our customers, regardless of their location, have access to our world-class engineers and unrivaled software support.”

Xubin Zhou will join ThermoAnalytics® as Managing Director of Japan and will continue to be the main point of contact for customers in the region. “It is a great pleasure for us to have a person with such an esteemed engineering background to join the TAI family,” said Mr. Jussila. “We are always looking at ways to serve our customers better, if that means giving them better access to our support systems, local language contacts, or evolving the software to serve the markets better.”



ThermoAnalytics® (TAI) is a global developer of thermal, fluid-flow, and infrared modeling software based out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Over 25 years of experience have contributed to the evolution of their software, serving industries such as automotive, aerospace, architecture, defense, satellite systems, textiles, and manufacturing. Applications include underhood modeling, exhaust, and underbody simulation, HVAC, cabin, drive cycle analysis, battery packs for HEV/EV, electronics, and other thermally sensitive components. For more information, please visit