ThermoAnalytics® is pleased to announce the release of TAITherm™, CoTherm™, and MuSES™ 2023.2, the latest versions of its signature CAE software. This release includes several new features and enhancements that will help engineers solve even the most complex simulation problems.

TAITherm™ and MuSES™

  • New "Input Parameters" makes managing and visualizing input data easier.
  • Full implementation of the Advanced Graphics Engine provides new capabilities for post-processing and visualization.
  • RapidFlow speed and accuracy improvements reduce simulation time and improve results.
  • Speedup of API Functions used in Joule Heating Script makes running scripts much faster.


  • Multi-Selection Editing allows users to edit multiple objects simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Scatter Plot Enhancements provide more efficient setup and navigation of plots and make it easier to save and export results.
  • TAITherm™ Input Variables support reading and assigning Parameters, making it easier to couple TAITherm™ models with boundary condition changes using a CoTherm™ process.


If you need assistance downloading, installing, or using the new versions of the software, please visit our Support Site.