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Interested in learning more about how TAITherm and the Human Thermal Module can assist with your heavy vehicle design? Watch the second installment in our heavy vehicle video series!

Human Thermal Comfort in Heavy Vehicles from ThermoAnalytics, Inc. on Vimeo.

Heavy Vehicles with TAIThermLet us do the heavy lifting for you!

Heavy vehicles present unique thermal situations that can be difficult to predict, leading to high costs from over-engineering. Whether it is a bulldozer, tractor trailer, or refrigeration truck, each piece of machinery is operating in a unique environment, performing a specific function.

Because of the dynamic nature and variety of operating conditions undergone by heavy or off-highway vehicles, a transient thermal analysis is critical in order to optimize your design, eliminate over-engineering, and minimize testing.

Powerful Software for Powerful Vehicles

ThermoAnalytics’ industry leading thermal analysis software, TAITherm, is uniquely positioned to perform accurate thermal simulation for engineering heavy vehicles in complex scenarios. TAITherm is fast and precise, allowing your team to run more full transient simulations capturing peak loads and giving you more time for analysis. The time you save will be critical when determining what design changes ThermoAnalytics and heavy vehiclesare necessary to protect critical components. In the end you will have reduced the amount of time and money spent on testing as well as have created an efficient yet effective engineering design.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Are you carrying a heavy burden of thermal issues? Let us help. Our team of expert engineers understand the complex thermal challenges you face. Our engineering services deliver fast and accurate results that will allow you to make actionable decisions concerning your design and thermal management.

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Why TAITherm: Thermal Modeling for Heavy Vehicles from ThermoAnalytics, Inc. on Vimeo.

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