Variables View

Quickly interrogate the inner workings of complex simulation processes using the all-new Variables view, which shows the current value of all variable symbols and symbol modifiers. Use the built-in search filtering capability to drill down to exactly what you’re looking for (filter on any part of the variable’s description, symbol, or value).

DOE Grid Plot Capability

The DOE Table now shows a grid of plots for all combinations of DOE variables. Double-clicking on a plot shows the detailed plot view (as in previous versions). This new feature creates a more comprehensive and organized way for users to visualize DOE points and ensure the design space is accurately covered.

Scatter Plot Improvements

Scatter plots now support multiple data sets on a single plot. Users can change the formatting to be lines, symbols, or both. Presentation and text details can be customized. All together, these changes allow high-quality and informative plots to be created directly within CoTherm, for the purpose of illustrating the relationship between variables or understanding analysis trends.