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ThermoAnalytics has developed partnerships with leading technology firms across the globe. The technologies developed by these firms complements our innovations to produce maximum value for the customers we share.

Altair Partner Alliance
TAITherm and related modules have been enabled on Altair's unique licensing model, allowing it and related modules to be accessed on-demand via the same HWUs leased for HyperWorks usage. 

TAITherm and Fluent have a bi-directional data exchange that has been used by customers around the globe.

Many ThermoAnalytics' customers utilize ANSA for mesh generation and property definitions. ANSA can read and write TAITherm files to reduce the time required to generate thermal nodes.

CD-adapco - STAR-CCM+
Many customers use a coupled TAITherm and STAR-CCM+ solution to solve complex thermal problems at different stages of the design cycle.

CEI - EnSight
The EnSight post-processing software can visualize TAITherm thermal results and CFD results to gain a deeper understanding into complex heat transfer problems.

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA - ABAQUS
TAITherm can export a thermal model to ABAQUS to perform analysis of thermal stress and deformation.

Exa - PowerFLOW
Exa has developed a tightly integrated thermal solution that has automated coupling between PowerTHERM thermal solver and the PowerFLOW fluid dynamics software to solve a wide range of  problems.

Gamma Technologies - GT-SUITE

Gamma Technologies and ThermoAnalytics have partnered together to create a dedicated coupling interface between GT-SUITE and TAITherm that leverage each tool's strengths.

Thermetrics - NEWTON
Thermetrics manufactures the thermal controlled test manikin, NEWTON, which can be integrated and controlled using our ManikinPC human thermal simulation software.


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