We are delighted to announce that Zachary Edel will be presenting as part of the Importance of Thermal Conductivity in xEV Thermal Management Modeling webinar.

As OEMs are electrifying their vehicle fleets, electrical component modeling is becoming increasingly critical to the design of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (xEV). Problems surrounding thermal management are one of the largest challenges faced when designing electrified vehicles. Poor thermal management can result in weaker product performance, reduced lifecycle, and, in a worst-case scenario, thermal runaway events in which serious damage to the product and/or user can occur. 

Learn more about how thermal conductivity measurement from C-Therm’s Trident instrument platform can be incorporated into ThermoAnalytics’ advanced TAITherm 3D modeling software for improved design.

This webinar will show how thermal conductivity plays an important role in the design optimization of battery packs and electric motors in xEVs. It is recommended to engineers, scientists, and product managers involved in the development of EVs and related components.

Topic: Importance of Thermal Conductivity in xEV Thermal Management Modeling
Speakers: Dr. Zachary Edel, Senior Research Engineer
Date: 18 November 2021
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time


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