Introducing RapidFlow

The new RapidFlow extension, available for early adopters with version 2023.1, is an easy-to-use 3D flow solver designed for heat transfer problems. RapidFlow is tightly integrated with TAITherm and works on thermal model geometry to produce fast and stable convection results for a wide range of cell sizes. RapidFlow has shown to be a promising technology that augments TAI’s thermal solutions, and we are looking to partner with customers on evaluations and simulation method development while we continue to improve this new technology.

Even More Advanced Graphics

The new Advanced Graphics rendering engine has taken TAITherm graphics to the next level, and now we’re adding even more features. In addition to previously introduced features like spatial data visualization, semitransparency, and thermal reports, we’ve added support for displaying texture maps and displaying element or vertex ID for selected parts.

Improved Human Thermal Capabilities

One of the most notable new additions is the tissue damage metric, CEM43, which allows users to evaluate thermal dosimetry and burns more accurately. The new update also offers improved accuracy for predicting results for scaled physiologies. Improved behavior with transient restart means that you’ll no longer need old, slow workarounds with transient coupling.

Texture Mapping Enhancements

Export temperature results faster and easier to a texture mapped model using the new Application-Generated Texture option. This decouples the results export from any applied camouflage maps and allows importing results into large scene simulators or gaming engines. Imported texture maps can now be displayed in advanced graphics, and users will now be able to delete previously imported texture maps.

Now Faster Than Ever

We’ve optimized the memory allocation within TAITherm to reduce the memory used by post processing models by up to 48%. Cabin simulations with multiple shell humans are now up to 10% faster, while volume element human models are now up to 30% faster. KDTree is now used for viewfactors, thermal links, solar apparent areas, and renderings, which allows models to be 50% faster than uniform.

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