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Human thermal simulation services for your unique environmental conditions. 

It’s one thing to understand how a given environment can arrive at and maintain 74 degrees, but quite another to understand how it makes the humans inside that environment physically comfortable.

Human thermal comfort analysis of a model in an urban office environmentHuman thermal comfort analysis of a model in an urban office environment

Failing to test for human comfort, as opposed to simple climate control, can potentially create higher energy operating costs or lead to a design that doesn’t offer a comfortable environment for potential customers.

Avoid costly over-engineering, ill-performing designs, and unnecessary testing by putting us to work for you on your next thermal comfort design. Our engineering services team can assist in the setup and configuration of human thermal models underneath unique environmental conditions. Our team has set up human thermal models for a variety of applications, everything from cabin comfort to clothing simulation to designing architecture with human comfort in mind.

Get comfortable with new technology, learn more about how we can help you solve thermal comfort issues using our Human Thermal Module on your next project.

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